An Essay About Maya Angelou Life

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Maya Angelou’s life was far from normal and smoothe, quite frankly, her life in the beginning was as rocky as a mountain. According to CNN’s timeline of Maya Angelou’s life,her parents had split up at a very young age, having her brother and her live with their grandma. Not even 10 years later, her mother’s boyfriend had raped her at 7 years old and before he could be sentenced off, it was said her uncles had murdered Freeman( the boyfriend). Even if that man had done something unforgivable to her, she felt responsible for his death and became mute for 7 years. These events in her life so far were the reasoning and inspiration to write one of her best selling books, “I know why the Caged bird Sings”, which is about her perspective on the events of her early life and how she became stronger from those…show more content…
I believe Angelou wrote this for the purpose of also showing how there is always a bright side to any saddened experience. Evidence of this belief that in chapter 3, Revelations(raising or to lift up), she explains the birth of her son, Guy Johnson, and how she never loved the man and in the beginning regretted the decision, stating “From the moment I saw him at the door I knew I made the wrong choice”(Angelou 18) . But in the end, she was so grateful for the birth of her son, stating at the end of the chapter “ I thank the Creator that he was given to me. The revelation is that day, so long ago, was the greatest day of my life - Hallelujah!”(Angelou 19)Another chapter in this book, Angelou explains about a boyfriend she had but when he believed she had cheated on him, he beated her basically to death, locking her away in his apartment. But she told how she had prayed to hard that day, praying with everything she had, then later when he had left her alone in his apartment, her mother had found her, Angelou’s boyfriend, Mark, was arrested. She had stated at the end of this chapter “ My life was saved. Was that event incident, coincident, accident, or answered
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