An Essay About Mexican Culture

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The culture of Mexico has changed a lot over the last few hundred years and has Affected the whole country. Most Mexicans live in the cities, but more remote rural Communities still have large impacts in defining the countries colorful communities. Mexico is the 14th largest country in the world, according to the “Central Intelligence Agency’s World Fact book”. The country consists of multiple ethnic groups. The mestizo group makes up almost sixty percent of the country’s population while nine percent is white. These different groups make a culture that is unique to Mexico. The majority of Mexico’s population today still speaks Spanish. Only about six percent speak both Spanish and other local languages such as, Mayan, Nahuatl,…show more content…
They are known for the colorful baskets and rugs that are hand-made. Mariachi style music originated in the southern part of Mexico around Jalisco back in the 19th century. Some of these musicians are still performing during festivals and even in the United State. Mexico has two famous artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and their painting have very vibrant colors and represent Mexican…show more content…
It is a day that is set aside to remember and honor those who have died, according to the University of New Mexico. That day represents the day before Lent and is celebrated as well. Another notable day is September 16th, which marks Cinco de Mayo the day the Mexican Military had a victory over the French in 1862. Cinco de Mayo is also celebrated in the United States more than it is in Mexico. The Mexican culture is very diverse and has a long-standing history. With its many different languages and religions it a melting pot of a country. Being the 14th largest country it has many different influences across the world with its bright and vibrant art and products. Mexico also has a big tie to the church with all of the religious influences, which keeps it a tight nit with family values. Overall Mexico is a wonderful country with a rich

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