An Essay About My Cultural Identity

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Cultural identity in my opinion is defined as a group of people that a person is comfortable around or has a feeling of belonging. For me, my cultural identity all starts with the people closest to me, my family. They are the ones that have always been there for me and helped me become who I am today. Another factor that contributes to my cultural identity are my likes and dislikes. These two areas determine how I am going to live my life. I have also found that my desired occupation is becoming more and more important to my cultural identity as I get farther into my schooling. Religion plays a huge role in my cultural identity as well. Being Catholic has made me think differently than friends of mine. The last factor that contributes to my cultural identity would be the era or contemporary that I was born into.…show more content…
My mom, dad, and brother are the three people that I can always count on and trust their opinions. They have always been in my life, helping me grow and develop as a person. Everyone’s family is a little different in their own ways, so I know my cultural identity has to be different from the people I surround myself with. My cultural identity is kind of shaped around what my parents believe and preach. They were my first educators in life so obvious my identity is based off theirs with some exceptions. Without the support of my immediate family, I would not be who I am today. As I have grown, I believe my cultural identity has changed in ways though. I have my own opinions now and know more about how I want my life to go. My family members always support my decisions and listen to what I have to say. At times, I do lean on them for support though and ask their opinions because I want to be the best person I can be. The one group in life that I will always belong to is my family. All four of us are different in our own ways, but are able to look past our differences to unite as
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