Reflective Essay About My Educational Journey

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My educational journey has been an experience I will remember. I have attended school in three different countries, Antigua, St. Thomas, and New York. A diverse educational experience has allowed me to interact with many different cultures and confront many of the different topics we discussed in class. At that time however, I was not fully aware of the implications of certain situation but after many readings I can now fully understand many of the experiences I encountered in my journey. All the information I have learned in this class however will bring all my experience together where I can make much more sense of it than I could when I was younger. Three years was the longest I have attended any one school and that was primary school. Gender inequality was something I have always witness in the school system. Even as a child one can tell the difference between being valued as a student and not being valued. The boys were thought to be better at math. During my time in first and second grade in primary school I struggled with math. Instead of me receiving extra assistance my teachers would just brush over. I was not expected to make much contributions in class. If a question was asked and I raised my hand I would just be looked over or the question would be directed at me but I was not given enough time to respond (Rist,…show more content…
It helped me to achieve all that I have today. If not for the many lessons I have learned whether positive or negative I would not be here today. From those experience I molded and shaped myself into the individual I wanted to be. Although, the majority of my school career is scattered over different schools. I think my wide array of experience is key to my diverse personality and my ability to adjust to environment quickly. Through these experiences I have learned how to deal with peers and superiors. I would say that my experience has prepared me for society and the working
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