An Essay About My Favorite Food

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Fettuccine Alfredo was invented in 1892 and is named after the creator Alfredo Di Lelio. Despite the process of making the alfredo sauce being very old and extremely simple, this dish has become iconic in Italian restaurants and restaurants alike all over the earth. I know this personally because it is my favorite food and has a powerful memory to me. My food memory comes from when I lived in Las Vegas. I remember this being the place where I first had it and if not, it is the first place I can truly say i enjoyed it. I remember when I went to an authentic Italian place in the city, my mom ordered it for me and it was better than my previous favorite, spaghetti. The reason I remember it so fondly though is because it was the first “out…show more content…
During my time in Vegas, our life was very hard because my moms boyfriend was extremely abusive of this. In between all the times I was hit and yelled at by him, she would care for me and do nice things for me like this. There were times I did not think she cared about me but remembering that meal brought back my hopes and reassurance. Over time she would remember how much I liked the food and would get it for me whenever things were really rough. When we finally moved back to Minnesota after 4 years, this was the first meal I got. In a way, it was history repeating itself because now the hard parts were over and she was making up for them. This food has become a part of my life because it is a go to when times are bad or when I'm sad about something. It is also a food I eat on most special occasions or certain events. Finally, it is a food I always eat with my mom and rarely anything else and holds great meaning to me. Simple things can be powerful to people depending on their mindsets, similar to Fettuccine Alfredo which is a simple dish with a simple name but has powerful meaning to others. This applies to me because to others, it's a dish, but to me it has powerful memories attached to it. Fettuccine Alfredo is my favorite dish because of its taste, but also because of my memories that stem from it. Food means different things to certain people but each type

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