An Essay About My Grandmother's Birthday

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It was my grandmother's 70th birthday. Every year her birthdays were always a blast, it has always been the most memorable and enjoyable time of the year. Her birthday basically represents her personality. She is sweet loving person and would always smile even by just the rise of the morning sun. It is always a joy to be with her and not just because her name is Joy.
As I arrive at my grandmother's house, the bright yellow and blue house captively caught my attention. I quickly then rang the bright yellow doorbell comfortably placed at the side of the doorknob. As I entered the living room, a bunch of helium balloons was enjoyably floating above me. The different blue and white shades of balloons made me feel like I was in heaven, and the smooth and
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My nieces and nephews on the other hand were happily chasing each other even though they were already bumping on the corners of the sofa. The loud yet sweet singing form the living room also added to the noise that my grand father was furiously annoyed about.
When the celebration began we cheerfully sang happy birthday for our dear old grand mother Joy. She was smiling like the morning light of sunshine as she looked around at the many pictures hung up on the wall. Her walls were painted with different shades of lavender and rose pink. It was an odd setup as it was not likely what you would see in a 70 year old woman's house but it was a wonderful view, especially with the contrasting yellow pictures that could be found in every corner of the room.
As my grandmother made a wish, the loud music began playing again with my grandfather complaining over and over about the annoying sounds of modern music. Everybody was laughing. All over the room everyone's faces were as bright at the yellow sun and as calm as a blue river , well except for my
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