An Essay About Sharks

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Swift, strong, stealthy, and fascinating, sharks are marvelous fish. They are well known for their incredible sharp teeth, and vicious behavior. Sharks are extremely unique and an essential part of the ocean and sea ecosystem. There are over five hundred different types of sharks living in the world. Sharks can be divided into two main groups, large and small. The large sharks hunt for food so they are fast and agile. The small sharks usually hide in the ocean floor to catch prey and hide from predators. The gray and white, brown or blue-gray are mostly the fast and large sharks. The patterned sharks are the small slow sharks. They use their patterns as a camouflage to hide. As sharks body is made up of muscle, big liver, an intestine,…show more content…
Underneath their gill slits there are blood vessels which intake oxygen from the water; some sharks keep their mouths open to breathe so it’s easier for the water to pass over the gills. Most sharks don’t have strong neck muscles so the water doesn’t easily pass over their gills, that is why they have to keep moving with their mouths open to breathe. Some sharks, which have strong neck muscles, push the water over their gills so the shark can stay at rest and still breathe. Other sharks have tiny holes over their eyes, which the water is pulled into so the shark can breathe with its mouth closed. A sharks diet is very interesting. The biggest sharks eat baby fish, shrimp, plankton, and many tiny animals. Some sharks eat bony fish, squid, and can also be cannibalistic. They usually feed on smaller sharks. Great White sharks eat fish, and as they grow start to eat seals and walrus. Tiger sharks will eat anything and everything, such as dead animals, coal, tires, and clothes. Shark habitats are found in seas and oceans all over the world. Bull sharks have been seen swimming in lakes and rivers. Sharks prefer to live in warm waters near the coast. A baby shark, which is called a pup, usually lives alone close to land so that they may have places to
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