An Essay About Summer Time

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Summer: The Best Way to Spend it Every student’s favorite time of the year is when school ends: summer time. No more waking up hours before the sun rises, spending a third of the day in a classroom, and no more plans being cancelled due to too much homework to do. Some say they are finally free from this tiring, repetitive schedule. In order to fully enjoy summer, students must live their well-deserved time off to the fullest. The most amusing summer activities share similar qualities. A summer activity is only enjoyable if one can participate in the activity with friends. A great past time for summer would be adventuring to an amusement park. It is practically required to go with a group of people. Someone needs to hold the belongings for everyone; and, most importantly, amusement park rides almost always have a row of seats on the actual ride. It is no fun to sit next to a…show more content…
It is simple: life just gets better during this season. Most families often plan trips to bond and to make memories during the summer. Going camping with friends and family is definitely a summer must-have to create memories. A story always gets created when one is when one is staying in the great outdoors with the people that mean the most to them. Another great trip to make memories at would be travelling to a lake cottage up north to go tubing, water skiing and/or wakeboarding. These activities are easily well liked by all people. Something about catching the summer air blowing while gliding on water is a feeling that people look forward to every year. A final activity that one can travel and make memories is just by simply visiting the beach. The majority of the population do not live in a warm, coastal climate year-round; because of this, getting away to the beach is not a daily occurrence that most people get to enjoy. For this reason, going to the beach is a delight that people can count on to make memories and enjoy every minute of

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