Essay On Syrian Refugees

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Syrian refugees are citizens and permanent occupants of Syria who have fled or escaped the country since the onset of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 until today.

The Syrian war is the most noticeably humanitarian emergency ever. Half of the nation's prewar population, which is more than 11 million individuals. The Syrian Civil war is a war between the long-serving government and those looking to change it.

The Assad family have had the force in Syria following the time 1971. Most importantly it was Hafez al-Assad, and second is presently driving Bashar al-Assad.

Human rights focus on how people's dignity shouldn't be mistreated, where as it is not applied to the innocent civilians. Individuals are leaving their cherished nation due to war and are losing the vast majority of their human rights. A percentage of the human
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Children’s education and safety : Syrian children who are considered the land's hope for a better future have lost precious ones, experienced wounds, missed years of schooling and education, and witnessed awful violence. Fighting parties force children to serve as warriors, human defenses and shields. Syrians prize education highly. But in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey there are simply not enough opportunities for Syrian children to be educated. In Jordan, 90,000 Syrian children are going without a formal education, and 20% of refugee children have left school in order to work. Many girls are losing out after being forced into early marriage, another survival mechanism. Even in Lebanon, where education is free for Syrian children, transportation costs are too expensive and many have to miss classes in order to support their families; 200,000 will be out of school this year, and young people looking for a university education have almost no options at all. If they are to get the skills to live a productive life, to go back home and rebuild after the war, parents of Syria’s refugee children arriving in Europe say education is
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