An Essay About Thanksgiving Day

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My dad and I always take an amazing trip down to St. Louis to see my family for thanksgiving every year. Every time we go I learn to love that place more and more. It is undoubtedly my most favorite place on earth. We leave two days before thanksgiving day so we can help my aunt prepare everything for thanksgiving. It is a 9 hour drive all the way there but it is totally worth every minute. I always know when we are entering the beautiful city of St. Louis, you can just feel the energy the city is putting off with all the authentic restaurants and beautiful city lights! It almost looks like a big christmas light show! I love the feeling of pulling into my aunt and uncle's driveway and seeing them run out of the house and give me a great big…show more content…
Once you walk up the stairs the doorway opens up to my aunts favorite place. The kitchen, which in all honesty is probably my favorite place too. Anything you could ever want to eat you can find in my aunts kitchen! Once you walk out of the kitchen you would enter the dining room where we have the huge thanksgiving feast with mountains and mountains of food. It is where the whole family gathers to celebrate thanksgiving and just be…show more content…
It is definitely a great smell to wake up to! It almost feels as if you died and went to heaven and God himself was making you a turkey for thanksgiving! As you walk up the stairs the smell gets stronger and stronger it is almost impossible to wait till dinner to eat, so every once in awhile I would sneak a little bit of food! As the day goes on my aunt is hard at work and I am trying to help with whatever I can. Last year i was in charge of making homemade applesauce! I had to mash up all the apples into a juicy pulp and then i had to add sweet brown sugar to top it

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