An Essay About Thanksgiving

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Our Thanksgiving Day On the fourth Thursday of November, Me and my family celebrate Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house because it is just a day to relax and thank my family for whatever they have done for me without being selfish or greedy. We all help today with the preparations. First we get together, then we try to entertain ourselves in different ways, and then we have our feast. We do a lot of fun things, Me and my cousin go buy muffin mix, and then we make muffins. I love going to my cousin’s house in Thanksgiving. First, we get together. I get dropped off to my aunt’s house one night before. Me and my cousin’s play and watch movies that are not related to Thanksgiving. We always get lazy and eat junk food. Then the next day, my family…show more content…
We watch movies and special shows. It is so fun. Then we go play Football. I’m not a very good catcher. Then we play Basketball. I’m okay with Basketball. I like to play board games, but nobody in the family likes board games, so nobody plays with the board games. I like to stay indoors sometimes, but when I want to go play outside, everybody plays with me. On Thanksgiving day, we watch Thanksgiving episodes and movies. Now with no doubt, we eat our feast. First, we cook the Hot Wings because we don’t eat Turkey. Everybody loves Hot Wings. Then we buy soda that everyone likes, so that nobody is left behind in their choice. We also make Mashed Potato. My two favorite things are the Hot Wings and the Mashed Potato. My cousin likes cooking all of the stuff for our family. We get to help her a bit. We also make muffins. We love Chocolate Muffins. In conclusion, this is what my family does on Thanksgiving. It is just a day to celebrate and thank the people that have done so much for us without being selfish. Next year, I hope to do many other things including making the food. I also want more people to come at the feast. Next year, I hope we can celebrate another holiday together as a family. I also want to try Turkey next year because a lot of us don’t eat Turkey, so we get chicken
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