An Essay About Volunteering

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Have you been searching for a new outlook on life? Consider volunteering or getting involved in something to make an impact somewhere. This will not only help those around you but also help you as a person. It is important to take time out of your life to contribute to the greater good not only for the sake of others but also for your own satisfaction. Based on studies, research, and personal accounts, it is proven that helping others through physical involvement boosts your health and happiness providing you with a sense of purpose or accomplishment in life.
Contrastingly, there are those who believe helping others can be a burden to oneself. Those people would rather be involved in self-centered activities. While it is good to pursue activities to make you feel relaxed and/or satisfied, constantly pushing yourself away from opportunities to be with others
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Being active will lower your stress levels keeping blood pressure low and reducing the risk of developing illnesses. Reduction in stress also brings more positivity in your life. These factors can lead to a longer lifespan. According to BMC Public Health, volunteering has been associated with a 22% reduction in the later risk of dying. Additionally, a 1999 study at University of California (UC), Berkeley, showed that elderly people who volunteered were 44% less likely to die over a 5-year period than those who did not volunteer. In conclusion, getting involved to help people is beneficial to your health and personal satisfaction. Being able to give boosts your self-esteem and triggers a sense of euphoria that causes you to spread positivity towards others. Helping others can be empowering since you have the control to influence others and allow them to empower themselves. Missing out on opportunities to help and connect with others can gradually lead to loneliness causing mental harm and a shorter

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