Lions Club Volunteer Skills

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Volunteering Skills Helen Keller once said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or ever touched - they must be felt with the heart.” I have volunteered at the Pleasant Hill Lions Club for six years. My parents are members of the Lions Club so I usually help them with as many events as possible. I help them with the Soup Supper, Fishing Derby, the parade in Pleasant Hill, and I volunteer for other stuff outside of Lions Club like the Special Olympics or Meals from the Heartland. This club has shown me how to become a great leader in life. I help the Lions Club by volunteering to do anything that they need my help with. I know my place around everywhere that I volunteer at through the Lions Club. I even know every Lions member in the club. They do meetings on the first and third Mondays at Doanes Park. Furthermore, the Lions Club offers a lot of volunteer hours to anybody that is…show more content…
It is held at the Oakwood Church in Pleasant Hill. Nobody has to pay to come and eat since it is free will donations to the club. The members of the club try to get donations for baskets that people can bid on. They try to get 40 baskets made for the Soup Supper every year. They make different types of soup such as potato, chili, chicken noodles and ham and beans. They even do a veggie tray and bread. Towards the end of the Soup Supper, a member does bingo for people to have a chance to win a prize. Although, the Lions Club has an annual Soup Supper, they also have a Fishing Derby. The Fishing Derby is held on the first Saturday of June every year. Kids get a chance to go fishing and catch fish. The parents get a chance to go fishing too. The Lions Club does snow cones, popcorn, and hot dogs that are free, but people can make donations if they want to. Every kid gets a raffle ticket to win a prize. The Fishing Derby is in the summertime such as the Parade my parents
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