An Essay About Welding

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“Welding is vital to our economy. It is often said that over 50% of the gross national product of the U.S.A. is related to welding in one way or another. There are many ways to make a weld and many different kinds of welds. Some processes cause sparks and others do not even require extra heat. Nearly everything we use in our daily life is welded or made by equipment that is welded. Welders help build metal products from coffeepots to skyscrapers. They help build space vehicles and millions of other products ranging from oil drilling rigs to automobiles.
In construction, welders are virtually rebuilding the world, extending subways, building bridges, and helping to improve the environment by building pollution control devices. The use of welding
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Welding is a very important technology for any motorsport because everything metal is custom made. NASCAR racing teams literally build their cars from the ground up and there is a lot of welding and metal fabrication that goes in to it. Welders get to travel where ever the racing team takes them. It is an exciting career that many people would love be a part of.
“Welders can even work at the bottoms of the world’s oceans. This is a highly specialized skill that can take you places that no one has ever been before. Underwater welders travel the world going from one job site to another. Some people stay in the United States while others jet set throughout the globe. There is always a demand for skilled under water welders that are willing to travel.
“Welding is one of the few career choices that is in high demand at all times. Since welders are needed in almost every industry, it gives them the flexibility to switch industries without changing careers. Let’s face the facts; most career choices have ups and downs. Welding on the other hand has endless opportunities that keep fueling the
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