An Essay: How Technology Helps Students?

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How Technology Helps Students
Throughout the history of mankind people have always made new inventions to make their works easier and increase their efficiency. However, the invention of each new thing brought some advantages and drawbacks for people since inventions have only been focused on benefits and their possible disadvantages have never been taken into consideration. With the passage of time world has gone technologically advanced. However, its impacts on our daily and educational lives have always become unpredictable. Technology is the combination of different techniques, skills, methods and the processes which are used in the manufacturing of goods or in the accomplishment of goals and objectives, such as scientific investigation.
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As everybody knows, internet contains anything that anybody needs. For example: Professors can find a video that might be useful for explaining lessons and make it super easy for students to understand. In this case computers come to help since they provide internet access and adequate computing power. The other benefit is that computers offer students educational software that help them to do their daily exercises easily such as Microsoft Office. With the help of this software, students are enabled to make presentations, sketch graphs, take notes, create schedules, and so many other possible things. Also using this software reduces waste of paper, keeps students on track, and organise their drafts. In addition, current modern universities try to accomplish all the tasks and procedures through computers and internet, such as creating free access to paid software like Microsoft Office and access to course materials, grades and class activities. Therefore, computers and currently mobile phones, which have almost the same computing power with notebooks, have an essential role in our educational life as well as in our daily
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