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Glen Campbell has been battling Alzheimer 's a while now and his wife is speaking out about how things are going now. Taste of Country shared that Glen 's wife is now revealing that he has lost all ability to speak and is in his final stages of this disease. Glen Campbell revealed that this battle was going on back in 2011 and his condition has slowly gotten worse. Back in 2011, Glen Campbell was still doing well enough that he could do one final tour and fans are very grateful that this happened. Glen Campbell 's Wife Reveals He 's Lost Ability to Speak: Glen Campbell has entered the final phases of his bat... — Keith Michaels (@keithmichaels) March 8, 2016 By 2014, Kim had put Glen Campbell into a full-time facility and was unable to be the one taking care of him all the time. She brought Glen back home for a while in 2015 and then had to put him back into full-time care. Glen Campbell is now to the point that he needs help with everything and Kim just can 't do it all on her own. Kim spoke out to WTSP news in Tampa Bay, Florida and shared how things are going for her husband now.…show more content…
"He 's healthy, he 's content. He 's lost most of his ability to communicate verbally. He has severe aphasia, but he still understands the universal language of smiles and kisses, and he enjoys food. We just trust that God has a purpose for everything that we face in our lives, and we just love each other through whatever we 're going through. Alzheimer 's is a disease that affects the

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