How Did Artemisia Became An Artist

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Living up to this quote, Artemisia became one of the best painters in Italy during a time when women were not known or respected as painters. She took “control of her being” by not caring about what others thought and used her life experiences to make inspiring art and open doors for other women to become artists. She made it possible for women to be respected as painters and gave permission for women to be honored in the artworld. Artemisia was born in Italy and lived there from 1593 to her death in 1653. Artemisa grew up in a house of artists; her mother and father both loved to paint. Her father taught her how to paint as well as love and understand the importance of art. Later in life, her art would became therapy to her as Artemisia did not have a happy and easy life. When Artemisia was 12, her mother died, and her father had to raise her alone. Just a few years later she was raped by a man who said he would help her learn more about painting. Artemisia understood pain and anger. Later in life, Artemisia also lost a daughter. Artemisa used painting to express her emotions, escape from her pain, and gain respect. Women were not respected as artists, until Artemisia. She could not read or…show more content…
Artemisia’s art impacted Italy by giving a new perspective. Painting from a woman’s perspective also gave women permission to do more. God made women and men equal, and we were all given talents that we can use to change the world. Artemisia gives women and girls hope that anything is possible if you try. Artemisia was a fresh perspective and an inspiration to women all over the world. She didn’t let pain and hard life experiences control her. She took control and looked for way to use her talents to change the world. Her paintings and character inspire women today to know, that you can push through pain and paint beautiful pictures even in dark
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