An Essay On Beauty And The Beauty Of Beauty

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I’d like to start this presentation off with a question for you. Hands up, how many of you are currently completely satisfied with your body and looks. You do not feel the need to change any part of yourself as you believe you are perfect as you are. OK, thanks for participating, now the people who didn’t raise their hands, why? Is it because you do not like your current body? You feel it is not good enough? Or is it because you feel your beauty is not up to standard or even non-exist ant? Now I ask what is the standard? And why do you feel such a need to fulfil it? Some people say evolution is the reason women strive to perfect their figure and men to be masculine, because in nature wider hips and bigger breasts mean better for reproducing, and muscles and a fit build suggests better capability to provide in terms of hunting and protection. But if we are anywhere near the developed society we claim to be, surely we would have surpassed this primal concept? These days beauty standards are very high, to the point of being unachievable, so how are they created? From childhood, girls are encouraged to play with dolls like Barbie [CLICK] and Bratz, which all have huge eyes, tall slim figures, long flowing hair and perfect skin. [CLICK] In 1965, Slumber Party Barbie was released, it came with a diet book instructing her on how to lose weight, with just one instruction: 'DON 'T EAT! ', and a set of pink bathroom scales, permanently set to

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