Community Service Is Wrong

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When we talk about the thought of community service, as far as I am concerned, community service is common, essential, voluntary but also easy to ignore. As the saying goes, every man sweeps the snow before the door, and he doesn’t care about the frost on the tiles. Therefore, through such ancient motto, we can realize that many people only care about themselves, but not all the people in their community. However, this thought is dangerous, it will destroy the community quickly. To some extent, we can’t survive well without the help of the member of the community. As for our career, when we get some project, we can discuss with the member of the community who work as the similar work with you to gather the best idea to finish our project perfectly…show more content…
Thanks to Michael, I found that the concept of I have had is wrong,I just want to be a good student in my life,however, what we said about the good student is wrong because we only pay attention to their study but not all the people around them. For example, I only pay more attention to the hygiene of my desk and I seldom clean the rubbish for my roommates.To some extent,although my GPA is higher than my roommates, they don’t like me at all for my selfishness .Through this essay and our project, I gradually find that, maybe my performance is best in study but I seldom get praise by my roommates because I seldom give their hands to them. Thus, through this project, I also find the importance of the moral. And we should pay more attention to the realistic problem but not only speaking generally.What’s more, as the university students, we should take part in more public welfare activities but not only focus on the theoretical study.With the experience of welfare activities, we may have more things to write down in our interview resume and what you meet will change your thoughts deeply. Take me as an example, spending the sleeping time in every Wednesday afternoon to taking care of the children who have some problem in their mental or physical health, I have found that we are lucky to study in STU or we are lucky we have the whole body because there are many people are unlucky around us. And when we face the misfortune of the lives, we should give it the smile in return and strike to live in the world to show our grateful to our parents and others. The thought come out because the unfortunate children don’t complain about their terrible lives but show their big smile to us every Wednesday. When I encounter big problems, the big smile will crowd into my mind and tell me I should be brave to break the problems.Thanks for the public
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