Essay On Coral Reefs

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Coral reefs. By: Valentina Sarria. Coral reefs are one of the most diverse and complex habitats. They are one of the most interesting and colorful ecosystems found in the marine environment. They are very unique in many different ways and a crucial support for human life. They play also a very important role in the marine life such as giving shelter and food for millions of species including fishes, crabs, or shrimps. They support 33% of marine fish species. They also have specific and certain conditions to be formed, and to survive. They are also known as the “rainforest of the oceans” because of its huge diversity. In this research paper we will explore more about coral reefs and their importance. Coral reefs are communities of living organisms. They are made up of fishes, plants, and many other creatures. They have been around for millions of years: less than the 0.1% of the world’s ocean floor Is covered by coral reefs, however they grow very slowly, from 0.3 cm to 10 cm per year. The reefs we see today have…show more content…
These creatures live in coral reefs for many reasons as I said before, for housing, for finding food and even for hiding from their predators. There are all types of different creatures with shining colors and surprising shapes. As I said before, millions of species live in and around coral reefs, for example sponges have been part of this ecosystem from early on. They provide shelter for many other creatures such as fishes, crabs, and many more small animals. They have also a very big variety of shapes sizes, and colors. Sea anemones are very relatives of orals. They provide refuge for fishes and their eggs. They are known for their symbolic relation with anemone fishes and clown fishes. Anemone fishes, in return, protect the anemone from predators and they also may also remove
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