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Google self driving cars have driven over half a million miles without a crash. This is an amazing feat that hopefully will happen in several years with other cars. In the next few years many car manufacturers are saying that they will have self driving or even driverless cars. Driverless cars will help society because there will be less accidents through more safety innovations, there will be more as well as different job opportunities, and there will be even more advancements in technology that we will use in everyday life.. Firstly, driverless cars will help society because there will be less accidents. If everybody has driverless cars, there would most likely not be any accidents. The manufacturers could use GPS to tell the car to stop at a stoplight and even tell the car how fast and how slow to go. There would also be less accidents because there is not a human behind the wheel. Most accidents that…show more content…
Most of their reasons are good too. In “Driverless Cars Are Coming”, they talk about how much road work will be needed. This will cost a lot of money that the country and states may not have right now. With all the sensors and other things that are on Google’s modified Toyota Prius, all of it costs a lot to put on one car. Just imagine if manufacturers were doing this to thousands or millions of cars. That would cost a ton of money. There would also be jobs being taken away. If there are driverless cars, there would no longer be a need for a taxi or Uber driver. The final argument that others have against driverless cars is that there could still be accidents. If there was a mix between driverless and non-driverless cars on the road, there may be even more accidents. In order for there to be less accidents, everybody has to be using a driverless car. That would cost people more than what they normally pay for a car. There are some good reasons to not have driverless cars on the

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