An Essay On Earthquake

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17 August 1999 Kocaeli Earthquake which opened deep wounds many people's lives is a major disaster. Many people lost lives, relatives and their hopes. Tüpraş as dangerous as to be close to a factory location and the realization of a time when everyone's asleep was a great misfortune. After the earthquake, everyone was mobilized and even came very big help from other countries. I who experienced this event was earthquake victims and 7 years old. In the earthquake morning, I turned the television on as soon as I opened my eyes. My mother was preparing breakfast certain that the nice smell coming from the kitchen. So cute, we had a balcony full of flowers. In the summer, we usually had our…show more content…
Our new home unfinished and the inside of the house was more empty. My brother and my dad went to our old house to get solid objects and clothes. They encountered a terrible reality. Cabinets in the living room was overturned. If we had slept there that night, my father and my mother would remain under the cabinet. Life in the village began to be very difficult. It was very difficult to live connected to others. School was about to begin and we decided to go to our new home. But it was unfinished and there was no central heating. There were many tents in front of our new apartment. So we set up one tent. Our new home was not on the edge of the highway as before. There was a huge park opposite our apartment. Our apartment had a lot of kids my age. Even the first day I had a friend and I was so happy, and this was very good for me. Experts were trying to find out why the earthquake occurred. This situation might be because of Solar Eclipse a few months ago that eartquake. I remembered that day. I heard the TV "Today will be a Solar Eclipse and can be seen with the naked eye from Turkey.". I saw The Solar Eclipse first time. The weather was dark like the night, but it was day time as yet. I put on the lights and looked on curiously. I did not know it would cause this great catastrophe because of the solar
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