An Essay On Environmental Pollution

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Environmental Issue: Pollution Pollution is the process of contaminating water, land, air, etc., which makes these resources not suitable for use to living organisms. It is the result of various human activities. We live in a fast pacing world; sometimes in a blink of an eye there are new information, new inventions, new things, etc., Because of all these advancements we tend to forget that we are taking too much from our environment, Extracting resources from it without giving back it return. We now tend to focus more on continuously improving in terms of technology that we forget about one of the important things that we have, our environment. If we continue progressing in terms of technology without minding the consequences of it to the…show more content…
The first one is land pollution. Land pollution is the effect of a lot of human activities like deforestation. We are too focused on producing more goods to be sold inside the country or even export it that we tend to not look at the effects of these productions. Some laws regarding excessive cutting of trees are implemented. Example for this one is when you cut one tree you are supposed to plant a certain amount of plants to be able to replace that tree that you took. Another human activity that causes land pollution is agricultural activities. There is an increase to human population therefore causing the demand for food to rise. For this reason the farmers then use fertilizers to avoid insects and pests from pestering their crops so that they would be able to produce more. But excessive use of these fertilizers may cause the soil to get contaminated and poisoned. Another one is having massive amount of waste. These wastes are sometimes just dumped on any landfill, which affects the soil on that certain place. Land pollution affects us in many ways like if we continue on using a massive amount of fertilizers then we would just make some land useless, we can’t use these soils for agricultural purposes because it lost its richness in minerals. Land pollution will not only affect us humans but also animals or any living organisms that live on forests. Not only are we taking their source of food but we are also taking away their
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