An Essay On Family Life

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There is a metaphor of “Family, like branches in a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one” which illustrate family is closely interrelated. The healthier on family functioning, the stronger roots and branches for family members’ growth, and vice versa. In family life cycle, members in different developmental stages have different characteristics and needs. When their needs cannot be addressed and met, some presenting problems may happen externally and internally. Therefore, in order to maintain and improve wellbeing of family, every member needs to work together and support each other. But how can this apply in reality of family life?
Few years ago, I was in crisis by experiencing the breakdown of intimates in a short period. I was left from a triangle relationship which hurt me a lot; on the other
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My Father had experienced failure in love and decided not to get married in young, but grandmother forced him to contribute for sustaining family blood relationship. So, grandmother went to China and found some relatives to introduce a girl for him when he was middle aged. At that moment, mother’s family life was hard due to Cultural Revolution in 70’s., as the eldest daughter in family with five children, she had no choice to pick up the family’s responsibility. She followed her parents’ decision to marry a man older than her 19 years without love and move to Hong Kong to live when she was 18. In her view, she was sold to father. Mother said she was always under controlled by father, no matter economically, socially and psychologically. I didn’t totally understand at that time, I just knew mother always felt sad because of father, and I wanted to be her alliance and protected her, that’s why I would against father’s order occasionally. Under the power struggle of parents, children are influenced to take sides and have misbehavior
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