An Essay On I Am Malala Yousafzai

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“I am Malala”

In I am Malala, Malala Yousafzai pushed through the Taliban and stood up for herself. LeeAnn Trudel, a former student of Catholic University pushed through her very hard Statistics class in graduate school so she could get into a PHD program. Malala was denied by the Taliban to go to school, though she went anyway because she knew that she wanted to be educated. Malala is still advocating for women’s rights to education, even after what happened with the Taliban and her. LeeAnn Trudel’s story and especially Malala’s story goes to show that when obstacles stand in your way, you have to overcome them to fulfill your dream, because if you do not you will one day become resentful for never achieving what you could have.

LeeAnn Trudel was in graduate school at Catholic University in 1984 and was working for her PHD in school psychology. She was aspiring to be a child’s psychologist. Her master advisor had recommended a Statistics class for her first year of graduate school. She took the course not knowing the tedious work that was yet to come. Four Statistic classes were required to get her PHD. LeeAnn gradually started to do poorly during her first semester Statistics class and eventually was failing. However, LeeAnn’s master advisor told her that if she failed the Statistics class that she would not get her PHD, so she powered through and turned her ‘F’s’ into A’s.
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Malala has been fighting this battle for education rights for about three years now, and has been making an exponential amount of progress. Malala knew that she had the right to be educated and that she could go to school if she wanted to, so she did. The Taliban told her no, but she did it anyway because that was her basic human right. "They cannot stop me. I will get my education if it's at home, school or somewhere else." (Pg.

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