An Essay On Mexican American Culture

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In China talking with your mouth full, spitting and slurping while eating is considered normal. Spitting is as common as any other bodily function that you never even knew existed. If their body wants to release something, they believe that it should be released right then and there. No matter if you are in the middle of dinner, a wedding or just commuting home in a subway. China has the largest population on the planet with 20 million people. That being said personal space is a luxury that Chinese people are unfamiliar with. You should not take it personally, nor be aggressive about it. Just embrace it and go with the flow. If you are trying to get on to a bus or train, expect that you will be pushed and bumped around. Mexicans value hierarchy…show more content…
Making visitors feel comfortable is a large part of the values and customs of the country. Mexican people have an excellent sense of humor. At Mexican birthday parties, once the cake has been brought out and everyone has sung ‘happy birthday’, you’re encouraged to take the first bite of your cake. At which someone will inevitably push your face into the icing, and you’re not allowed to get angry, because it’s…show more content…
Each of its nine federal states has a unique and distinct culture. Maybe that is the reason Austrians aren 't easy to categorize. The average Austrian on the street is likely to be friendly yet somewhat reserved and formal, softly spoken and well mannered, law abiding, socially conservative, rooted, family oriented, and a follower of tradition, well educated if and equipped with a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Austrians take formalities and etiquette seriously. Even if you are the most uncharismatic person in the world, old-fashioned good manners can take you a long way in a social situation. On the flip side, there are endless possibilities to put your foot in it and attract frowns for breaking an obscure rule. So be careful to take off one 's shoes when entering to a regular household. This is a habit prevailing, maybe because of general cleanliness, but also because grit and slush from the pavements can cause havoc to a flat in

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