An Essay On Natural Disasters

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A natural disaster is a sudden and terrible event associated with the natural process of Earth. It can cause great damage to our planet and loss of people’s lives. It is really horrible and hard to stop. There are many different types of disasters due to different natural conditions. Some of them are similar and have connections with each other. Maybe people can find the regularities in them and invent a machine which can tell us what will happen before it actually happens. Then we can take care of the nature to prevent that happens or get ready to face what is coming up soon. Anyways, everyone has the responsibility to study the knowledge about the typical natural disasters, so you know what to do when they come to ruin your lives.…show more content…
It is when the thunder comes to hit the planet with heavy winds and rainfalls. It can be created because of a rapid surge of moist and warm air. The moist and warm air can move upwards in the air, then it will cool down and form cumulonimbus clouds. When it reaches that point, the water droplets will start falling. Once the droplets start falling, they will create a new downdraft of the air which will spread out across the surface. And that will create strong winds with the thunderstorms. That is how the thunder is formed. A thunderstorm can occur at any locations on the earth if the air is warm and moist and comes into cooler air. It can cause a lot of damages not only by thunder. It can lead to other disasters too, like snow and hail.. That is because when the cooler air goes in to the warm and moist air, it will cool down and create ice and snow. Its power is according to the cells inside. Some thunderstorm cells are stronger than the average storms and can be fifty times energy of a bomb. (Thunderstorm)If you are at home when the thunderstorms come, stay away from water and turn off all electronic equipments. You can use the battery-powered radio to track the latest weather updates. If you are outside when the thunderstorms come, avoid high ground, water and high trees. Also avoid touching metal or other surfaces that conduct electricity. (Thunderstorm
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