An Essay On Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

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In the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, author gives out some examples to demonstrate that nothing happened randomly: success, failure, conflict, there always has to be a pattern behind all the datas. In the first several chapters, Gladwell talks about personal achievement and says to become success is not only talent plus hard working, which many people agree. However opportunity, luck, and timing is as important as this and sometimes even more. He mentions bill Gatz and Bill Joy who both are superstars in computer technique field, and says their success has many common points: well backround, opportunity to access to computers in early age, and golden period for computer development. In the following chapter Gladwell starts to talk about a psychology experiment and the result turns out to be highest IQ is not equal…show more content…
I think how it related to college level statistic course is in further study we will meet a lot of similar cases and we need to understand why things are happening in a particular way. The only way we can accomplish that is by learning the data and trying to find the relevance and pattern. Truth is always behind the data!!! Study statistic can have huge of positive impact on our further education. For example, when we need to make a presentation or a scientific document, we can use nice graphs and table to show our viewpoint; when we make a decision we can calculate or estimate the result and make a best choice. Furthermore by knowing the factors to be successful, we can understand what should we do, how should we do and when should we do. Statistic can be used in almost all careers and all periods of our life. The topics I want to learn and understand is how to calculate probability with many uncertain factors, and how to analyze data precisely by using words and
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