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What is post modernism? The simple answer is, “question everything modern”. Postmodernism is a broad term used to describe movements in a wide range of disciplines, including art, politics, critical theories, and music. Many view it as a response to the preceding modernist movement, but where modernism simply reacts against classical concepts, particularly in the arts and literature, things that are postmodern take this reaction to its extreme conclusion. Indeed, some see it not as a separate movement, but simply as a continuation of the modernist struggle. There has been a constant struggle in the society for establishing the belief that the coming age would be better than what we are living today .This struggle has reached it next level in the modern times .Not only because of the advent of industrial development and enlightenment (as in renaissance ) and the development in the approach of post modern thinkers but also because of the ideas of the pre modern precursors of ours that have left us with so much of knowledge and history to learn from that we can any day create for ourselves an ideal post modern state . Whereas modernism is associated with unquestionable truth, postmodernism questions power bases and emotionally manifested ideas behind what is called truth.
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As postmodernism, the term has been used to refer to aesthetic, architectural and literary styles, as well as to style the thought. It has been specifically employed to describe a reaction to the culture of aesthetic modernism. In architecture, this term was utilized first to refer to building’s aesthetic reflection. ‘An eclectic collage of contrasting architectural styles pillaged from disparate periods of history’. As post modernity, the term has been employed to designate a specific social condition a new social

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