An Essay On Reading Skills

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First of all, teaching to develop student’s receptive skills listening and reading is necessary. Developing student’s listening skill is important because in the real world, the students are going to be exposed to a lot of different accents, and they will need to be prepared, that is the reason why students need to practice and develop their listening skill by listening to a variety of accents and intonations rather than just the voice of their teacher.
Developing reading is also important because the students will have the necessity to read texts in English either for their careers, for study purpose or simply for pleasure. Practicing and developing student’s reading skill in the classroom is an excellent way to provide them with good models
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When looking for details, we expect students to concentrate on the minutiae of what they are reading” (Harmer, Jeremy “How to teach English” England, Longman).
In extensive reading, the students read long texts like books or novels to comprehend the main ideas, it is usually done for pleasure, it is not recommended to develop it in the classroom due to time management.
To develop reading the teacher may have to follow three phases, these phases are known as pre-reading, while-reading and post-reading. The pre-reading phase is optional.
In the pre-reading, the teacher sets a task to create interest in the topic, to motivate students and to prepare them for the text, “What pre-teaching phase tries to do is: to introduce and arouse interest in the topic. To motivate learners by giving them a reason for reading. To provide some language preparation for the text” (Williams, Eddie “Reading in the Language

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