Speaking Skills In Learning English

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Speaking is one of four important skills that have to be mastered by students in learning English. Speaking is important for some reasons. First, it helps students to be active learners because they have something to speak. In other words, speaking avoids them to be passive learners. Second, speaking can help students to interact and communicate with others. Third, they can share their idea, thought, feeling and opinion about something through speaking. Briefly, speaking is a very crucial skill for students. The teachers want their students be active in teaching speaking in the classroom. But in the real life, teachers found that the students have low capability in speaking. In fact, there are saveral problems that cause the low of the student’s speaking skill.
Based on researcher’s short interview with Mrs. Ermi about students’ speaking skill at High School 1 Pariaman, the researcher found out that students faced some problems in order to practice their Speaking skill in English whether it was inside the class or outside the class. The first, the students unable to practice
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Most students were very easy to get confused with English grammar, while grammar was needed to form a right sentence. If the students did not have grammar mastery, they would not be able to produce sentences that grammatically right. Realizing the grammar that the students had was very weak, so they feel embarrassed when they wanted to produce English sentences orally. Third problem was students’ pronunciation. They were very easy to get confused how to pronounce word correctly. Students sometimes did not know how to pronounce words in English correctly, that made they were afraid to pronounce that word and produce that words orally. In addition, the students’ pronunciation was incorrect also caused by their accents in mother tongue. Therefore, they felt embarrassed to deliver words in English due to they were afraid making

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