Reflective Essay On Qualities Of A Good Leader

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By taking the aptitude test for strengths and weaknesses I learned that I am a fairly strong leader and that I have a very high percentage in most all the character traits that were listed. My top five strengths are purpose, communication, balance, determination, and self-motivation. I scored a 94% on the purpose section and I do not disagree with the results. Having purpose means that I always try to be busy but I also have all my goals set far ahead. Having this characteristic makes me want to continue to learn new things everyday. To me people who are not engaged in their work irritate me quickly. I have learned that easy assignments do not intrigue me enough and I need to have more difficult ones assigned to me in order to keep motivated. I strive to achieve every goal I have but once it is accomplished I quickly set new ones. On the communication trait, I scored an 88%. As you can tell, this skill could use some improvement but it also holds some techniques that I have already acquired. This characteristic trait allows me to obtain information from sources easily. I…show more content…
My hopes are that by the end of the semester, I will have my five strengths at or very close to 100% as well as raise my weakness of salesmanship. Last week I learned that I was a autocratic leader and I think my strengths and weakness can relate to that style of leadership quite a bit. By being an autocratic leader I like to take control of things and the quiz I took this week also told me the same thing. Autocratic leaders do not like help from others and rarely seek help from outside sources. My weakness involves my people skills meaning that the flaw in my leadership style is the way I interact with others and the way I perceive the information they give me. I believe that by the end of this semester I can raise the percentage of

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