How Is Elizabeth Proctor Dedicated To The Crucible

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Crucible Essay
“She is one foot in Heaven now.” This quote is spoken by Elizabeth Proctor to John Proctor the morning of Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey, and John Proctor’s hanging, at the beginning of Act Four. Elizabeth Proctor is the wife of John Proctor and is also pregnant. Rebecca Nurse and myself are parallel for three reasons both are dedicated to Christianity, considered to be reasonable, and studied to be very charitable. What Rebecca and I have in common is we are both dedicated to Christianity. One way Rebecca and myself are dedicated is we are both honest women. Rebecca would not confess to witchcraft because that would mean she would need to lie, which is against the ten commandments. I never lie even though I may get in trouble for the actions I have committed. Another way is we attend Church. Even though I have ten million things going on I always find time on Sunday to go to church. The final way is I read the Bible it may not be every night but I find time to read the Lord’s message. That is how Rebecca and myself relate to the dedication we both have to Christianity.
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Rebecca stated in Act One of The Crucible that the girls were in their “silly stage.” This is thought to be considered reasonable because Rebecca was not angered by the girls; she just stated they were being kids. I consider myself being reasonable because I am patient. I used to help teach an Autistic class at Wendover Middle School. This class taught me patience. Finally I consider myself reasonable because I am forgiving. When people do me wrong I kill them with kindness but I also forgive them but never forget. That is how Rebecca and myself are considered to be
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