Pre-School Age Education Advantages

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Education is clearly one of the strategies to encourage choosing healthy behaviours, and several different levels of education can be provided to reduce socioeconomic inequities. For pre-school children, it is important that they have equal access to education. Therefore, it needs to be free or fees should be based on parents’ income, so it is affordable to everyone. By having reliable pre-schools, parents can work without being worried about childcare issues, which can increase their income as well. At pre-schools, children can get equal levels of education and especially learn about traffic rules and issues such as how to cross a road and not to play in the streets.
For elementary and junior high school children, it is important
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This education is necessary for students who are in politics or engineering who might become decision-makers or get involved in city-planning in the future.
The advantages of school age education can increase awareness about traffic issues and cooperation from younger generations. They can also educate their families, so adults can get the information as well. By everyone learning the issues about traffic, it might help in changing social norms and might reduce the number of vehicles or dangerous
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Road usage fees for vehicles and an increase in car and oil taxes can be introduced.15 Limiting the number of vehicles licensed could promote car sharing. Introduction of restrictions can be helpful such as lowering blood alcohol levels, not permitting night driving for youth drivers, having an adult passenger on board when having other young passengers, introducing graduated licensing systems and requiring multiple steps to get a full-license. Moreover, cooperation between transport and health agencies is necessary to plan people-friendly cities and countries. At the international level, globalisation is increasing transportation of goods, which in turn is contributing to environmental problems. Therefore, international cooperation to deal with these problems is crucial.
Advantages of subsides and increasing taxes can have a tremendous effect and change on people’s behaviours towards a desirable outcome. Cooperation of different agencies at government and international levels can address environmental issues at a global level. Nonetheless, these policies can be unpopular to the general public, and subsides can be costly. Getting revenue from other taxes mentioned above is also possible. The most difficult task would be international cooperation since that involves political
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