An Essay On Tourism In Pura

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India is surrounded with beautiful places, greeneries and major tourist attractions. These are often been crowded with local people and tourists for having a glimpse of beauty, culture and history. These are visited by individuals to also spend some great moments with their family and friends. Talking about Odisha, which is situated on the east coast of the country, it has many tourist destinations. City like Puri is very popular for its tradition, market, food and worship. It is well known for religious activities, lovely beaches and special flavors of different cuisines. There is no doubt that the tourist destinations of Puri contribute heavily to the state's tourism industry. Many cultural activities take place in this city. People not only from India but also from other parts of the world visit this place to get a glimpse of Indian culture. Puri is visited specifically for worhsiping as many temples are located in the city. These are seen by innumerable…show more content…
It is hazed in legends & myths. It is believed that this temple is built more than 700 years ago. Tourists can have a resemblance of the mythical chariot of the Sun God at this worship place. The great achievement of this temple is that it comes under the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Ever winter, the Konark festival is organized by the Government of Odisha. The word 'Konark' is basically derived from 'konarka' (presiding deity of the Sun temple). It is a combination of ‘Kona’ means Corner and ‘Arka’ means Sun. From its name, the famous konark dance festival got originated. The three-day cultural festival is been organized every year in the month of December. This cultutal event features Indian classical dance forms along with folk dances. Tourists can enjoy shopping around the temple. The famous things of konark include images of Hindu Gods and decorative pieces of woodcarvings, horn, stone and much

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