An Essay On Water Pollution

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Water pollution
As air pollution is rising in India water pollution is also increasing day by day. By an assessment by Water aid an international organization whose aim is water sanitation and hygiene. According to report from urban development, census 2011 & Central Pollution Control Board, water pollution was estimated by 75-80% only from domestic waste, the untreated sewage disposed in river and other water body have been double in recent years.
Because of the increase in water pollution there has been increase in the diseases like Cholera, Jaundice etc. It is also found out that due to water pollution the nutritional development in children has also decreased. The data from 1991 and 2008 says that the untreated sewage has increased from million litres per day to 24,000 million litres per day.
In 2009 the Central Pollution Control Board analysised that
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In Maharashtra state 51 class I cities consume three times more than Delhi where they half of their waste water Figure 1
Even though a policy has been made in 2008 by National Urban Sanitation every year crores of rupees are spend by states on sewage treatment and construction of their networks. As per CPCB the number of polluted river has increased from 127 to 275 in India since 2009 it was also observed that cities along the stretch generate 62,000 million litres of sewage everyday while those cities can only treat 38,000 MLD.
Types of toxic pollutants in water
1. Fluoride
Fluoride was added to drinking water it began back in the 1940’s which helped to reduce tooth decay. Though it sounds like a noble cause but fluoride was a neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor. It could harm the thyroid gland as well as calcify the pineal gland. It was so toxic that many countries had banned water

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