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As a head of the tourism department in Qingdao, I am gonging to write the following. Why someone should visit? I think there are many reasons for this problem.The main reason is that it is in a superior position.It is located in the southeast coast of Shandong Peninsula, the eastern part of Jiaodong Peninsula, East and South on the Yellow Sea, across the sea and the Korean peninsula. Qingdao has an international seaport and regional hub airport. Next, I 'll give you a detailed description of the city. Qingdao is the Shandong provincial cities, municipalities, sub provincial city and economic center of city of Shandong Province, the first batch of open coastal city, the state historical and cultural city, national civilized city, national sanitary city and national garden city,…show more content…
Qingdao is known as "the city of world beer" and "the capital of sailing in the world". Qingdao is the north temperate monsoon climate, including the famous Taoist Laoshan, Zhanqiao, 54 square, Ba Da Guan, the Olympic Sailing Center, gold and silver sand, the size of Zhushan and other famous scenic spots, will hold an annual International Beer Festival, International Ocean Festival, International Piano and violin contest and other activities. What they should visit? As far as concerned,First of all, you should visit Zhanqiao, because Zhanqiao is near the railway station. When you get off the train, you can walk to see it.Zhanqiao is located on the southern coast of central is a 440 meter long sea corridor extending from the land into the sea. Zhanqiao was built in the reign of Emperor Guangxu (1892). It has a history of 100 years and has always been regarded as a symbol of Qingdao. At the end of the Zhanqiao is back to the world court, the witness of the history of modern Qingdao.QingDao Railway Station is not far away. It is 10

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