An Essay: Why Climate Change Is Not Real?

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Climate change is refers to the rise in average surface temperatures on earth, mostly due to the burning of the fossil fuels such as oil and coal, which emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which are primarily carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons (#02). In addition, other human activities, such as agriculture and deforestation, also contribute to the growth of greenhouse gases that cause climate change (#01). According to this, many have make their own conclusions on how are humans responsible for climate change and whether or not it is a real thing. Some people think and guarantee that climate change is real and it is happening at least in part because of human activity. This people argue that in the last 100 years, carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have risen from 290 parts per million (ppm) to 369 ppm, with strong evidence pointing to the burning of fossil fuels by humans as a primary cause of these increases (#03). Additionally, they say that in the future the earth’s climate is going to rise hugely over short periods of time, which will cause farming to be harder and consequently daily life and economy will be affected. Therefore, according to them a way to stop climate change, or at least to reduce it, is to stop the burning of fossil fuels. If this…show more content…
This people guarantee that in the last 100 years the earth has been actually getting colder and the polar ice is increasing, not melting. Another statement coming from people with this beliefs, say that there has been no warming over 18 years but that in the years coming it may get warmer (#04). In the other side, there is people who used to think that climate change is not happening, but now argue that the cost of taking action is too high or even worse, that it is too late to take action. Therefore, one can know that there opinion on this point of view are different, yet similar
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