An Example Of A Metaphor In The Drowned City

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warning.” This helps the piece by giving non-human objects human qualities. A metaphor is used in this piece because it says “but they bloomed without thinking besides the others, the ones that emerged from the underworld” I believe this is a metaphor because it is using the underworld as a playoff of the dirt and soil that lies beneath them. It helps the vision of the piece develop. In Metaphors, I found the literary devices stanza, point of view, imagery and metaphor. There is one stanza to this piece with each line being equal in length and there being nine lines. The point of view is told from the author of the piece, but is interesting because the metaphors used in this piece are specific to the author. An example of a metaphor is “An elephant, a ponderous house.” This is a metaphor because it is saying an elephant is a house. Imagery is also used in this piece as it correlates with the last example given giving us the image of an elephant being the size of a house.…show more content…
But, I found the literary devices of imagery, fragmentation, point of view, and personification. These contributed to the piece because it allowed the author to share his point of view of what was happening in his life by showing a first person point of view. The imagery drew you into the story and got you involved with what the author was trying to get a crossed. Personification was given to the city becoming drowned and the people being reborn into other objects. Fragmentation was used by the story being choppy. The author jumps around and pieces the story together a section at a time, but not in
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