An Example Of Bravery In A Brave New World

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What is Bravery? Bravery can mean many different things to everyone. Bravery to me means when like someone stands up for themselves or someone else. Bravery can be expressed in many different ways. For example, when you have to face an obstacle. Everyone in life is always facing obstacles, and you always have to face something hard, and most people just decide not to do it which means they are not that brave, on the other hand people that will go through it no matter what happens means they are brave enough to do anything in life that comes their way. An example of bravery would be my mom. My mom was born in the late 1960’s and lived across. When my mom was 14 her mom died, my mom was always the brave one in the family, when she was 15 her dad dropped her out of…show more content…
My mom had to be like a housewife, except she was just young. My mom had 4 other siblings and out of those 4, one of them was diagnosed with cancer and the other one had something else, when my mom was 16 her brother passed away and it was really hard for her because she loved him so much. At the age of 26 my parents both met, when they were 29 my dad proposed to her, they had tried so hard to have a child, but nothing really worked until God gave them a miracle and at the age of 32 she had my older sister. Around 33 years old, she had my other sister, but my mom’s sister the one that had cancer passed away and it was really hard for my mom. After my mom had my sister, she had 2 miscarriages at the age of 33 and 34. At the age of 35 she had me, and at the age of 36 she had my brother. As we started getting older my mom did not want us to go through what she and my dad went through because she would always tell us “life was really hard back then, for both me and your father, we do not want you guys to go
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