An Example Of Business Research: Walt Disney Company

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What is Research? It is a careful investigation of a problem in a scientific manner, especially to search for new facts in any side of knowledge. And it is searching for theory or opinion for testing them or for solving issues. And a scientific way for answering questions and testing hypotheses. What is Research in Business? It is a formal or orderly and goal process of collecting, recording and testing data to help making business decisions, and it is the application of scientific way for searching and looking for the truth business phenomena, and these actions including defining and realizing business chances and opportunities and problems, and estimating ideas and thoughts, oversight and monitoring performance, and understanding the business process and ways. Example of Business Research Globally…show more content…
Walt Disney seeking to develop and improve the most innovation, creative and productive entertainment experiences and associated products in the world. Walt ad Roy believed that he had to stay one step ahead of the competition in order to be the most creative, productive and innovation Animation Company of all time. It is without doubt that Walt Disney Company has created an empire that is unmatchable, and they surrounded themselves with the best artists, the most creative and innovation artist of all time, and they have newest technology to improve this more and to compliment it
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