An Example Of Motivation: Identity Self And Individual Behavior

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1. Introduction The act or an instance of motivating, or given that with a motive to act in a specific style Motivation is a term used to explain why people behave in a certain way. It is the force that ignites, directs and maintains our behavior. It’s basically a need or desire that energizes behavior and directs it towards a goal. Motivation is an individual approach. Motivation process is caused by people’s opinion of actual self and ideal self. Everyone has an actual-identity that contains some power, flaws, feelings, beliefs and skill. Each individual also has a self-identity – that person he/she wish to be which is changed than their actual self. The difference between the actual self and identity self are regarded as needs. Motivation is the answer to the question “What we do why we do?” It is the motivation that makes us out of the bed at the start of the day. Even though there will be resemblances in elements that make different individuals behave in parallel ways, every one is distinctive and there are variances in what motivates them. For example money can be a leading motivator for many persons to do work, but everyone has a changed opinion on the significance of money as a motivator. In addition, once the dominant motivator (e.g. money) ignites certain behavior (e.g. going to work), each individual then focuses on other motivators such as personal fulfillment, variety at work, conditions at the office, etc. that will influence individuals behavior’s at

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