An Example Of Narrative Essay About Lifeguard

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I leapt from the diving board my rescue tube in hand, the air whooshing past my ears and adrenaline pumping through my veins. With a resounding splash, the swimming pool’s cool crisp water surrounded me. As I tore through the water, I looked up and saw the victim, a young woman in her twenties. A wide eyed, terrified expression was on her face as she sank underwater. I swam towards her body with all of my strength and I shoved my rescue tube into her arms. Panicking she grasped the tube as we floated to the side of the pool. Back on land my body shook from the adrenaline surging through my system. After she finished coughing the woman said, “Oh my god I thought I was going to die, thank you for saving me”. I became a lifeguard at age 16 because I love helping people. Honestly at first I wanted to be a lifeguard for the money but now it's become more about keeping people safe than my paycheck. Sure it’s boring when you sit on the stand for hours at a time, but I will myself to stay focused even with my ADD because I know at any moment, someone’s life could depend on my ability to act. My job is tedious sometimes, but when you …show more content…

I nearly drowned when I swam into the deep end of my friends pool , my mother had to jump in and pull me out of the water. Immediately afterwards my parents placed me in swim lessons. I struggled with swimming at first, but I persisted and became a strong swimmer. As my skills improved my parents had me join swim teams where I managed to go to the League Championship. Then I decided to apply my skills to lifeguarding. I saved seven people during my first summer lifeguarding. Even though I sometimes had to be the “bad guy”, I made sure people followed the rules, and I was able to prevent many injuries. I also had a good time doing my job too like when I was able to relax with the other lifeguards and when I was able to have some fun teaching little kids how to

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