Vietnam War Impact On American Culture

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1. One example of the impact on the culture here would be the railroads in America. During the Gilded age the length of all railroads combined tripled in size about 35,000 miles to 254,000. This is due to the rapid growth in the industrial and technological innovation during this time. The railroad helped get rid of the old dirt roads or mud paths Americans used. This gave birth to the creation of a huge network of railroads including the transcontinental railroads. The transcontinental railroad connected the United States from New York all the way to California. The growth of the railroads was greater in the west then the east. This new system shortened travel time from the eastern part of the United States to the Western part. It dropped…show more content…
The causes of the Vietnam War originated from the consequences and components of the Cold war. The main cause was America grew a fear of communism spreading. So when the northern communist part of Vietnam tried to take over Americans feared that communism was threatening to expand all over south-east Asia (Trueman, 2018). So in order to stop it from spreading America tried to intervene. But the US did not want to go straight in and start a war because of the USSR had ties to Vietnam. So instead America used one of its allied states to do the fighting for them, America actually fought themselves but with a mask on. Therefore the USSR could not intervene so instead they decided to send military equipment such as weapons, meds, etc. to China which then they would send to help the Vietnamese fight America and southern Vietnamese people. The Vietnam War had a major impact on especially on itself. After the war there are many side effects that are still affecting the people in Vietnam. Agent Orange is an herbicide chemical used to stop crops and vegetation from growing in order to extinguish the crops that feed the Northern Vietnamese. Twenty million gallons of it was used in that time. It has left a serious ecological and human impact on Vietnamese people. Many children today have various diseases and disabilities because of the harmful chemical used in the war. It also destroyed over one million hectares of forests ( Rohn, 2013). Another is when Saigon fell the communists gathered many South Vietnamese people and took them to places called re- education camps. Here the South Vietnamese people had to do harsh works. Because of this hatred between North and South Vietnamese citizens still linger today. Still to this day Vietnam is a developing country under the communist
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