An Example Of The Impact On The Culture In The Gilded Age

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1. One example of the impact on the culture here would be the railroads in America. During the Gilded age the length of all railroads combined tripled in size about 35,000 miles to 254,000. This is due to the rapid growth in the industrial and technological innovation during this time. The railroad helped get rid of the old dirt roads or mud paths Americans used. This gave birth to the creation of a huge network of railroads including the transcontinental railroads. The transcontinental railroad connected the United States from New York all the way to California. The growth of the railroads was greater in the west then the east. This new system shortened travel time from the eastern part of the United States to the Western part. It dropped the travel time from months to weeks making it faster for companies that use the railroad to get material.…show more content…
Many monopolies were created because of the railroad transporting there goods. The railroad also connected cities and towns even help establish new ones. It was helping each one grow exponentially by giving it materials they need in a short amount of time. By doing this farmers and small business men became very wealthy owners. Because of the railroads the economy in America changed dramatically. More people became employed. But this great construction caused conflicts between railroad companies. It spread corruption in which certain people called “robber barons”. They were said to rein supreme. The Larger lines of the railroad took over the smaller ones making monopolies. This is one of the major impacts the gilded age had on the American culture it changed it

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