An Excerpt From A Hero's Journey

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Three friends Sally, Ella and Cassie decided to go for a walk through the nearest forest because they wanted to go camping. They wanted to do something together without any adults but they weren’t sure how their parents would react to the idea. They asked their parents about it and to their surprise all their parents said that it was fine for them to do so. The three girls decided that they would be going for three – five weeks and they needed to make sure they called their parents everyday. They had to also make sure that they had enough supplies to keep them going for time. They were having the time of their lives walking through the forest just relaxing and having a fun time. All of a sudden after a week or so passed they ended up coming to a river that they needed to cross without getting wet if possible. As it has been raining a far bit lately it is filled with water so they can’t just walk across. Sally spotted a tree that was straight and looked long enough to fit across the river so they could go across it. Cassie being really good at Mathematics she was…show more content…
She needs to work out the height of tree and the width of the river. She does this by using different Mathematics; to work out the tree height and the river width she uses simple right-angle triangle trigonometry using cos, sin or tan. She also uses the sine rule to help work out the height and the width. They created two triangles on the side of the river that they were on and found the river width that way. For the second part of the Mathematical investigation she needs to work out the two angles that are vertically opposite angles to the bigger triangle. Once the angles have been calculated she then using simple right angle triangle trigonometry to calculate the two diagonal sides of the triangle. They then compared the two methods to see which one was the more accurate
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