An Experiment In Criticism Analysis

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An Experiment in Criticism is a classic book by C.S. Lewis, who was one of the writers in the twentieth century. He has written many books in his life and this is one of his great texts. Lewis believes that literature is found for the pleasure of a reader and a book should be judged how it is read. Lewis claims that “good reading” (Lewis,124), like good activity or religious experience, includes a procedure to completely enter into the perspective of others “in reading great literature I become a thousand men and yet remain myself” (Lewis, 127). He also asserts the issue of types of readers and what makes a book bad or good. C.S. Lewis is recognizing the good of literary with enjoyment.
Lewis expresses his argument throughout the use of different
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By doing this, they are able to experience imagination through others. The literary stay themselves even after getting to experience many different people through books. The author is successful in describing the difference between the unliterary and literary through the chapters in the book. From this the reader is clearly able to differentiate between the two. Lewis portrays his broad knowledge of literature to the reader throughout the book. The readers are left with knowing that the author himself knows what he’s trying to persuade.
In his book, Lewis does not include the reviews of female towards literature. Hence, a reader may argue this to be sexist. The way he states “we, the literary” (Lewis, 40) may not be very appealing to women. They could feel offended by it and the tone he uses in his book. He represents a woman’s reading as unliterary which can lead to a female feeling insulted. Furthermore, Lewis tends to portray a view of being more educated than most people, this could cause the reader to not be supportive of his thesis. Although, Lewis does a well job of writing on different topics which include myth, fantasy, poetry and many
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Lewis’ book is mostly clear and precisely written. People who read this book will most likely change their outlook on the way they view literature and how they read a book. Even though, An Experiment in Criticism isn’t the perfect written book, there is a lot a reader can discover from it. The book is worth reading because it had a good argument and is presented quite well. Lewis makes a reader aware that they should receive joy from what they read, see, and listen. Overall, the book is short and worth
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