An Explanation Of The Poem 'Clean White Sheets'

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Death of A Love One

The title “Clean White Sheets” is an observation of death from the widows point of view. The title might not make sense to others, but after reading the poem people can get a sense of understanding it. By just looking at the title the reader would not suggest it was about death but maybe about a person feelings or a sentimental value that belonged to someone. Although the poem was very extensive the narrator was able draw the reader back to the title of raw emotion and why she named it clean white sheets. Everything regarding white was reminding the widow of death and how to cope with it and made the reader question how people deal with death differently. The format of Clean White Sheets is a closed poem, it follows end rhyming and line length in true detail. “Clean white room, with is clean white walls, clean white rolling door “(6-7) was a great example of closed poem.

The amount of sadness and laughter through the poem was very refreshing. Every question the narrator asked was not difficult to understand. The reader didn’t have to dissect the poem the
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The artwork was frightening, it drew me in before I could start reading the poem, it was very interesting. The artwork felt sad as if a person could get lost in the moment from reading the poem, it was later exposed that the person was lost without her husband. As the widow manifested on the good times that she had with her husband everything surrounding her was dull, it was a non-factor, it was colorless and it was white. The artwork made me think the poem was going to be very depressing but the narrator portrayed a sense of acceptance from the character. The character was eventually going to be ok but she will always be reminded that white sheets means her spouse death and at the end she didn’t want any kqwrecap of that going

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