An Explication Of Sylvia Plath's Daddy

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Sylvia Plath was a troubled poet that extended to idea of reality to the general public; in her poem “Daddy,” Plath confronts the relationship of a young woman and her father in a resentful and distressing way that compels the spectators to regard the grudge that she feels for her deceased father. Sylvia Plath demonstrates in her poem, “Daddy,” the underlining of a young girls mind in such a way that she confesses to murders that only existed in the protagonists brain, and defines what hatred of a so-called loved one can do to the ideas and emotions of a child growing into a young woman. The spectators of “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath examine her poem to find the protagonist discovers enough courage to prevail over her late father’s influences in her…show more content…
Sylvia Plath then reveals through her narrator, “And then I knew what to do. / I made a model of you, / A man in black with a Meinkampf look” (63-65), which illustrates that she grieves for her father so much that she marries a man that is an emulation of him. The narrator of the poem is obsessed with her father without knowing such at the moment, she later realizes that the men she has been given and that she has chosen are only diminishing her life. The lead character moves on to explain, “The vampire who said he was you / And drank my blood for a year, / Seven years, if you want to know.” (72-74), furthering her realization that she is not living through herself. In this comprehension throughout the poem, the protagonist lists the ideas of her father by identifying her father as a Nazi and the devil, and her husband as a vampire who further drains her life. Also, throughout the poem the main character adds to the accusations by defining the men as Hitler. She uses symbolism such as Hitler’s mustache, admiration for blue eyes, and his work titled “Meinkampf,” which translates into “My
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