An Honorable Brutus In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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My dear, honorable senators, we live in a most opportune age. The great Caesar, as he was in fact great in many ways than just one, has fallen. It is only a matter of time before Rome faces retribution from enemies and citizens alike. The great people of Rome must either pick up the pieces of our broken government or face anarchy. My associate and i stand before you today to propose a new leader, one who will restore the glory of our beloved Rome. My good men, today we recommend to you the great and most honorable Brutus. This man is the crisp and proud picture of what it means to be a roman. He speaks with intelligence to friend and foe alike. HIs silver tongue can hold throngs of people with his voice, as you all fully experienced at Caesar's…show more content…
Just take a moment, my good men and think about this. Why would he commit such an act that, as you know, would run the risk of the honor of him and his family being stripped from him, his family's lives threatened, the name of Brutus to go down in history with shame, if there was not such an honorable, necessary and worthy cause? Brutus's heart truly lies with the people of Rome. He is merciful, intelligent, perceptive and willing to do what's right, all of which are vital traits for one who is to replace the great Caesar and bring righteousness and honor back to this great nation. Even the great Caesar recognized Brutus’s greatness as he held Caesar in unimaginable high regards. Along with these invaluable leadership skills, the honorable Brutus is also a great man. Every single man in this room to some extent, has spoken to the honorable Brutus and have experienced firsthand the respect he holds for each of you. He cares deeply for the great people of this nation, and has the skill set to led them into a brighter
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