An Hour Theme Statement

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The theme statement that I have chosen from “The story of an hour” is “Death is a moment of grief and happiness” because in the story the main character is Mrs. Mallard and she has a husband named Mr. Mallard. So, anyways Mrs. Mallard has a heart problem and she also has a sister named Josephine that helps take care of her.So, Mr. Mallard has a friend that he works with named Richards and he has come running to Mrs. Mallards house and told her that there has been a railroad disaster and Richards said “Bentley Mallard 's name leading the list of killed”. So, Mrs. Mallard thought her husband died because he was leading on top of the list of who was killed. Then, “she stood paralyzed inability to accept its significance”. Second reason why my theme statement that I have chosen…show more content…
Mallard have just found out that there was a railroad disaster and her husband Mr. Mallard is on top of the list that were killed, Then, she went in her room alone and she is feeling depressed and then, she is trying to get some joy back. Now, Mrs. Mallard was beginning to recognize this thing that was approaching to possess her, and Mrs. Mallard was striving to beat it back with her will as power as her two white slender hands would have been. Then, she starts to say “Free, free, free!” because she is saying that she is free and she can move on with her life, Then, the unexpected happen. Someone came to the door and grab the door handle and turned it and opened it and everyone lit up it was Mr. Mallard so, everyone asked that “I thought you were dead” and Mr. Mallard said “he had been far from the scene of the accident and did not even know there had been one”. Then, finally, since Mrs. Mallard had a weak heart she died from over joy, and that 's why my theme statement that I have picked is “death is a moment of grief and
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